Numbness in tips of fingers? ^_^ MOMMY ^_^ Due August 15; 2 kids; Santa Ana, California 30 posts
21st Jul '12

hi im 36 weeks pregnant and for about a week now everyday like 10 mins after i wake up the tip of my fingers 'only my right hand' go numb. It comes and goes throughout the day.....Is this normal?? Should i be worried?? I already have two children and this never happened to me before....

Brandi Eastman 2 kids; Youngsville, Pennsylvania 1452 posts
21st Jul '12

could be a carple tunnel or circulation issue

Brittni Gibbs Due March 3; Arkansas 1 posts
21st Jul '12

Sounds like carpel tunnel to me as well. I recently had to go to my Dr about it because it got so bad. It can be worse in the mornings because you may sleep on your hands or bend your wrists while sleeping. My Dr gave me some braces that I sleep in at night that keep this from happening. It took a few weeks before I started to notice a difference, but now it is so much better.