Cloth Diapers Diaper Parties by Vanessa 1 child; Vinton, Iowa 117 posts
26th Jul '12

If theres anyone out there interested in cloth diapers. Diaper Parties is a great resource. You'll get in touch with a consultant near you and she will walk you through learning all about cloth, help you set up a registry if you want, and let you look through her kit to physically see the different kinds of diapers (all the top name brands). You can also host a party (similar to a pampered chef or mary kay party) and earn rewards towards free diapers.

*please do not mark this as spam, im not trying to sell you anything, rather then just spread the word about this resource that I personally would have loved to have known about before I had my little man. I could have used the help/support when getting started with cloth and I want every mama to have the same.

Mama Bird of 3 3 kids; Missouri 6686 posts
26th Jul '12

i was wanting to have one but no one around here wants to spend money on cloth and some of the prices are just too high =/