Could I be pregnant ? user banned
31st Jul '12

Well , this isn't my first forum or blog , Iv'e been to two others and got negative comments such as being a slut and judgmental things so I never responded . There is possibly three fathers too my child . One of them came in me(ex boyfriend)four times at night (July 2O) and once the next day (July 21st) then the next only pre ejaculated . Then my ex boyfriend once on the 25th at night . I went to my doctor for a monthly check up then she recommended plan b but it was a little two late for that.I had my period on the 13 and it ended on the 18thMy doctor told me that his sperm could have lasted until my ovulation day so if I count my 7th day in my cycle ( July 2O) my eighth day ( July 21) and so on sperm can last 5 - 7 days so that's what I'm so worried about My period came on the 13th of this month and ended the 18th I had sex on the 20th and the 21st he came four times in me on the 20th at night and once in the morning on the 21st(sorry to be gross) my calendar says that it was my 7th and 8th day of my cycle . Ialso had sex with my other ex boyfriend on the25th my period began on the 13th and ended on the 18th but could his sperm have lasted the on my ovulation to get me pregnant?If so what are the chances of pregnancy happening . I know it's to early for symptoms but what's the chances?I'm only 15 I'm scared and I'm not sure what too do . How would I tell the father ( if I am ) and most important how will I tell my parents ? They already seem ashamed of me . I don't like abortion or adoption . I'm really scared . Anything will help please and thank you . No judgements please .

Commander Shepard 18 kids; Jacksonville, Florida 6447 posts
31st Jul '12

I didn't even read all of your post. But you had sex, so you could be pregnant.

username1 1 child; Chicopee, MA, United States 30921 posts
31st Jul '12

like people said in the last thread, take a test! yes theres a possibility you could be but nobody is going to know unless you pee on a stick

Juggernog-aholic 4 kids; 2 angel babies; P, AR, United States 20227 posts
31st Jul '12

You had sex so yes, you could be pregnant. Wait until you're supposed to miss your period or you do actually miss it and then take a test. We can't see inside your uterus and tell you if sperm lived or not and got you pregnant.

Stu Padasso 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Summerlin, NV, United States 14652 posts
31st Jul '12

Get a paternity test when the child is born, as for telling your family... Just do it quick like a band aid. If you've already made your decision it's best to tell your family so you can get the help you need and start planning for the child however that may be.
Good luck

user banned Due February 3; 16 kids; New York 1070 posts
31st Jul '12

Thanks . Was that so hard ? That's all I needed to know then people drift off into my personal life not knowing me personally saying that I'm a wh**e . What does that honest have to do with anything ?

username1 1 child; Chicopee, MA, United States 30921 posts
31st Jul '12
Quoting Rachel Tyson:" Thanks . Was that so hard ? That's all I needed to know then people drift off into my personal life not ... [snip!] ... off into my personal life not knowing me personally saying that I'm a wh**e . What does that honest have to do with anything ? "

if youre going to continue bg then youll have to just grow some balls or some tough skin.. learn to ignore those comments. most of the time even if you dont ask peoples opinions on certain things, theyre going to tell you anyway even if it has nothing to do with what you wanted to know in the first place. thats just how these public forums are

MommaNoodle 2 kids; Pennsylvania 13115 posts
31st Jul '12

it's way too early to even tell, but yes you could be because you had sex. i'd wait a couple weeks and take a test.

also, who's the 3rd possibility? you only mentioned 2 guys.

кinga Due February 18 (girl); 1 child; Ontario 4606 posts
31st Jul '12

Yes you can get pregnant if a man has ejaculated inside of you. Use protection next time, take a test and you will get your answer.

.::This.Bish::. 2 kids; Brazil 1349 posts
31st Jul '12

So you aren't pregnant and you want to know that if you are what ate tr chances of it being one of the 3's?

Did I read all that right? My lmp for my second son was the same as yours and I got pregnant from having sex on the 27th-1st so chances could stil be that you aren't pregnant and don't have to worry about the other long as you stopped having sex last week...

As for the other seem to be pretty knowledgeable and you obviously know that sex makes babies. With that mature thought process, you'll just have to be mature with you actions and tell them. It will be hard, but it's possible and you'll have to figure out your next step depending on their reactions.

Baby Love ♥ 2 kids; 1 angel baby; New Zealand 476 posts
31st Jul '12

Why didn't you use protection if you were scared of pregnancy?
Take a test. You had sex so yes there is a chance you could be. Get dna done with the potential fathers and tell your parents asap if you are.

our little crowe 2 kids; Cherokee, North Carolina 1281 posts
31st Jul '12

Please please please consider protection from now on.
You're so young and if you're scared that you're pregnant, you're obviously not ready and that is FINE! No judgments here... I think we'd all love to see you make smart decisions in the future though :)

There is a possibility that you're pregnant, so definitely test. All the best to you!

akmaldo 1 child; Georgia 2778 posts
31st Jul '12

Didn't you post something very similar to this last night? Anyways, take a test. If you had sex there is a chance you are pregnant.

Vindictive Due July 23; 50 kids; Switzerland 30957 posts
status 31st Jul '12

There is no way to tell who the father of the baby is until after it's born.

Quit stressing. You don't even know if you're pregnant yet.
And get on birth control.

Jade Pettingill 1 child; Maine 11 posts
31st Jul '12

well, if you miss your period take a test. If your positive, wait till you have the baby and test the dads to find out who is your baby's dad. If negitive think about ways to protect yourself like condoms or/ and getting birth control. I would deff tell your parents everything you posted online and are asking people on here. 15 is a hard age to be a mom. I deff. not dissing anyone who is, but they could tell you it's hard. Not dissing you at all either but straight up, you should be playing it safe, just so you can save yourself the stress of wondering who it is and am I? Having baby's is a serous thing