This may be really really dumb ???? CYNLOVE 34 kids; Texas 1326 posts
3rd Aug '12

but where do I find my member number? I looked everywhere!

Piecey. 4 kids; Camel City, NC, United States 67636 posts
3rd Aug '12

Your member # is 1070476

when you go to your profile, it's in the URL.

BrittanieY 18 kids; South Carolina 16634 posts
3rd Aug '12

Go to your page and its in the address bar.

Your # is member1070476

♥K + G Due August 27 (boy); 1 child; d***o, 33084 posts
3rd Aug '12

yours is

r a b b i t ™ Bandle City, US, United States 27557 posts
3rd Aug '12

That's the link to your profile when you click on your avi. Those numbers following the word 'member' are your member numbers.

CYNLOVE 34 kids; Texas 1326 posts
3rd Aug '12

ahhh thank you! :)

I feel like such a dummy! lol