mixed baby names! posts
16th May '08

im havin a boy(white && black) and cant decide on a name!

[♥]Mrs. Taylor 18 kids; Texas 12250 posts
16th May '08

My friend has a mix baby. Her name is Mackinzie Ariah

N & A 1 child; New Mexico 22234 posts
16th May '08


If I was having a boy I was ganna name him Jovani Alexander. or Giovanni Alexander.

Buh-Bye 1 child; Columbus, Ohio 4732 posts
16th May '08

Just out of curiosity, why would the fact that your baby is biracial affect her name?
*edit* HIS name, sorry.

apres.toi TTC since Jul 2010; 1 child; California 813 posts
16th May '08

I am also having a mixed baby but it played no part in me deciding on a name. Pick out some names that you like and choose from them but don't feel that you have to name your baby something different just because it is mixed.

dallas cowboys. 2 kids; Texas 58155 posts
16th May '08

i didn't know mix babies has certin names to go by .
i missed that memo .

Blondie1978 Minnesota 113 posts
16th May '08

I like the name Alston..I would name my little boy that but my boyfriend hates it...but he doesnt know anything

Whitney Pie 2 kids; Catania, Italy 31982 posts
16th May '08
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*B*~ Mommy~ 1 child; Jackson, Missouri 7466 posts
16th May '08

if i me and my hub get prego it will be biracial/ mixed

we liked Jaxon Isaiah or Isaac
Kobe Reed / Reid
Owen Oliver

Cowgirl47429 4 kids; Alaska 10748 posts
16th May '08

I have one :D


Its a mix of Micheal and Carson :P lol

Jagged Bitch 14 kids; Elkhart, Indiana 14928 posts
16th May '08

I love Zane But my husband doesnt so mine wont be named that!!

RKD&QED's MOMMY 2 kids; Decatur, Georgia 432 posts
16th May '08

doesnt really matter about the baby being mixed. But i understand how it is important to some people.
I like.....


Devil Duckie 3 kids; New York 48700 posts
16th May '08

oh jeebus not the "i need a blite name" question. your child is not defined by the fact that momma got it on w/a black man. for christ sake, just find a name you like and stop looking at race as part of the choice. :roll:

Material Mommy 2 kids; Kissimmee, Florida 51813 posts
16th May '08
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Nickels522 Florida 17031 posts
16th May '08
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16th May '08
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