Thelma Mckinney-kinerd Due January 11; Japan 1 posts
17th Sep '12

Im due jan 12th and having a boy!!! My hubs nd I have 2 grls nd now we're having our son!!! So excited!!

Belinda Kardel Due January 18; 18 kids; Australia 8 posts
17th Sep '12

I'm due the 19th and having a boy.YAY after 2 girls i now have a little man.

Johnna Wood Due January 27; Japan 1 posts
17th Sep '12

I'm due January 28th and found out last Wednesday that I'm having a boy!!! =)

MrsBrunson 35 kids; Sumter, South Carolina 34 posts
18th Sep '12

Well everyone I'm having a boy

Katie Jepson Due January 19; 3 kids; Early, Iowa 632 posts
18th Sep '12

Found out on the 4th we're having boy number 3...guess my daughter truly was a blessing lol

Dayan333 3 kids; Japan 105 posts
18th Sep '12

Due Jan 18 And I'am having a boy :D

twistedangel Due January 12; 4 kids; Salem, Pennsylvania 2 posts
19th Sep '12

We are having our 4th baby girl !!!!

Jennifer L Austin Due January 29; 1 child; Stowe, Vermont 42 posts
19th Sep '12

Everyone around where I live (vermont) are having boys!! It must be in the water :)

Mariah Strait 2 kids; Muskegon, Michigan 41 posts
20th Sep '12

I am due January 8th and we are decorating our house BLUE :] We are having a boy! Bryce Anthony Cook. Found out September 14th<3

Amber Chancey Due December 31; Japan 1 posts
21st Sep '12

I'm due Jan. 1st, and it's a little girl :D:D

Cherub#3 Due January 18; Australia 72 posts
21st Sep '12
Quoting Brittany Eslick:" anyone due jan 19th?"

Hay Brittany I'm also due Jan 19!

Shelby Cunningham Due January 24; Florida 1 posts
22nd Sep '12

I am 22 weeks and found out what i am having at 19 weeks and we are having a little BOY!!!! :) im due January 25th!!

Kandi Laporte 17 kids; Germany 36 posts
22nd Sep '12

On my last ultra sound they said that they were 80% sure that my baby is a boy. so we are going with boy :D cant wait

MeShell Stover Due January 19; Hannibal, Missouri 7 posts
23rd Sep '12

i found out on august 22 which would've been my grandfathers bday that i am goin to have a boy,i am naming him after my grandpa,Kenneth Eugene. My due date is january 20,they said by the measurements it could be january 18th but they just keeping it at the 20th.and i cant wait to meet my lil guy.

Cole Train 2 kids; T, OK, United States 70 posts
23rd Sep '12

I'm due Jan. 6th and it's a girl. :D