My 2 year old is driving me crazy!!! ~JeNn~ BeAn~ 54 kids; Washington 633 posts
19th Aug '12

The closer I get to my due date the fussier my little girl gets. She follows me around the house screaming until I pick her up I cant get anything done, she cries constantly, she wont even sleep in her own bed anymore. She is always hanging on my leg, hits her 4 year old brother if he wants my attention and even gets mad if her daddy gets close to me, she is driving me nuts! Do any of your little ones do this/did this to you?

Amberrr. 2 kids; La Center, Kentucky 363 posts
19th Aug '12

i feel your pain.

Buffy♥ 2 kids; Japan 3741 posts
19th Aug '12
Quoting Amberrr.:" i feel your pain. "


RyanKarlie 2 kids; Sedona, Arizona 472 posts
19th Aug '12

Oh yeah. Im worried how DD is gonna act when new baby gets here. She has major jealousy issues.