Due August 21st -- worried Nina Raquel Due August 19 (boy); 1 child; Lubbock, Texas 3 posts
20th Aug '12

So my due date is tomorrow and I'm kind of nervous that I will either be induced or have to have another c-section............ Don't know if I should be worried about being induced......any advice

Vincent&Me (Laura) 2 kids; Moab, Utah 7847 posts
20th Aug '12

Try not to freak out. If you're dead set against an induction, you'll end up needing one. Just stay calm and relax. It's usually safe to go up to a week past due. If your OB wants to induce tomorrow, just tell them that you want to wait. You have that right, and as long as the baby is healthy and you're healthy, they should just keep an eye on you and let it be.

And know that inductions aren't always terrible. If it has to happen, it has to happen. I was induced with both of my pregnancies. I wasn't thrilled about it. I would've much rather gone into labor on my own, but my babies weren't growing right, so they needed to come out. My inductions were quick, and I managed them without any pain meds.

Just know that, whatever happens, your baby will be here soon. Good luck!

Brittanylikesyou 3 kids; California 1988 posts
20th Aug '12

in most circumstances they wont induce a prior csection patient...but you *can* assuming all goes well, wait up to 42 weeks before having a repear section.

Nina Raquel Due August 19 (boy); 1 child; Lubbock, Texas 3 posts
20th Aug '12

Ya the Dr. Said if he didn't come on his own then they were going to try and induce me but they don't want to unless they have too bc it could cause problems for me bc of the prior c-section I had. But I am so impatient I am ready for this baby boy to be out already........:)

Dorena Brandon Spring Due August 11; 3 kids; Resaca, Georgia 3 posts
10th Dec '12

I had a c section with my first and the dr says that if you had one once chance is real good that you cant deliver vaginal so c section is best not to even baby will be 4 ys when i have this one or these not sure right now how many...but I am not entertaining the thought of vaginal cause of the risk to do damage to utras since it was cut for c section. also my sister did have a c sec and 12+ ys later to have her next child tried the labor and after 3 days ended up with c section tried again in 2 years still c section. so why put your self threw it. I also had a miscarriage in aug of triplets went threw entire labor dialated and all and ended up in surgury so i am no way trying that i no the pain and c section is better on both of and my new baby coming..just a little advice to think about and much safer for you both;