Due 17th March 2013 *carlie* Due March 16; Australia 3 posts
26th Aug '12

Hi, who else out there is due on or around this time?

Squid Kid Due July 2; 1 child; 5 angel babies; Tennessee 27717 posts
26th Aug '12
Tyler Mcbee Due March 16; 3 kids; Frankfort, New York 7 posts
27th Aug '12

I'm due on the 17th as well :)

RoyalBeauty23 Due March 16; United Kingdom 1 posts
28th Aug '12

Hi< how are you?

I am due on the 17th of March as well :)

Sherryl18 Due March 16; Japan 1 posts
30th Aug '12

Base on my ultraspoun I am expecting to have a baby on March 17, 2013

Halimah massie Due March 13; South Carolina 2 posts
1st Sep '12

I am expecting march 14th but i am having a c- section so i am guessing they are going to take the baby maybe a week before .

Maria Frye Due March 18; Japan 1 posts
3rd Sep '12
I'm due March 19, 2013
Sherri McCabe Due March 24; Iberia, Missouri 1 posts
4th Sep '12
Quoting *carlie*:" Hi, who else out there is due on or around this time?"

I am due March 23. Is this your first?

Amber D'Angelo Due March 12; Japan 1 posts
9th Sep '12

i am due 13th march :)

Maria Lowe Due March 17; Japan 1 posts
11th Sep '12

im due on march 18th! how you been feeling?

Sheelagh Due March 19; 3 kids; Wellington, New Zealand 9 posts
13th Sep '12

Due around 20th March all things going well. Fingers and toes crossed. Passed into 'low risk' today.

Aimee N Miller Due March 14; Pensacola, Florida 2 posts
14th Sep '12

Im due March 15

Laura Taylor1 Due March 17; Barnsley, United Kingdom 2 posts
17th Sep '12

i am due on the 18th march cant beliv it my little ones birthday is on the 18th lol bless her she cant have owt to her self x*x

BriCol1994 Due March 17; Lubbock, Texas 4 posts
17th Sep '12

im due march 18

Lacey31713 Due March 16; Minnesota 1 posts
23rd Sep '12

Meeeeeeeee :D March 17th <3