Due 17th March 2013 *carlie* Due March 16; Australia 3 posts
26th Aug '12

Hi, who else out there is due on or around this time?

Squid Kid Unavailable, NA, United States 32448 posts
26th Aug '12
Tyler Mcbee Due March 16; 3 kids; Frankfort, New York 7 posts
27th Aug '12

I'm due on the 17th as well :)

RoyalBeauty23 Due March 16; United Kingdom 1 posts
28th Aug '12

Hi< how are you?

I am due on the 17th of March as well :)

Sherryl18 Due March 16; Japan 1 posts
30th Aug '12

Base on my ultraspoun I am expecting to have a baby on March 17, 2013

Halimah massie Due March 13; South Carolina 2 posts
1st Sep '12

I am expecting march 14th but i am having a c- section so i am guessing they are going to take the baby maybe a week before .

Maria Frye Due March 18; Japan 1 posts
3rd Sep '12
I'm due March 19, 2013
Sherri McCabe Due March 24 (boy); Iberia, Missouri 1 posts
4th Sep '12
Quoting *carlie*:" Hi, who else out there is due on or around this time?"

I am due March 23. Is this your first?

Amber D'Angelo Due March 12; Japan 1 posts
9th Sep '12

i am due 13th march :)

Maria Lowe Due March 17; Japan 1 posts
11th Sep '12

im due on march 18th! how you been feeling?

Sheelagh Due March 19; 3 kids; Wellington, New Zealand 9 posts
13th Sep '12

Due around 20th March all things going well. Fingers and toes crossed. Passed into 'low risk' today.

Aimee N Miller Due March 14; Pensacola, Florida 2 posts
14th Sep '12

Im due March 15

Laura Taylor1 Due March 17; Barnsley, United Kingdom 2 posts
17th Sep '12

i am due on the 18th march cant beliv it my little ones birthday is on the 18th lol bless her she cant have owt to her self x*x

BriCol1994 Due March 17; Lubbock, Texas 4 posts
17th Sep '12

im due march 18

Lacey31713 Due March 16; Minnesota 1 posts
23rd Sep '12

Meeeeeeeee :D March 17th <3