LO with BD for summer Caddy ÷ nwark, NJ, United States 9335 posts
Aug 27th '12

Anyone else have their LO(s) go with BD for the summer?

My Lo stayed with his father for 2 months and he came back a little BRAT!!! I swear to god... I don't know where my polite little boy went :(
His father and grandmother down there let him do WHATEVER he wants and demand things and feed him candy all the time. It's ridiculous... I figured LO would be a little rowdy after the summer.... but my god... BD turned him into a monster :(

Has anyone dealt with this?
Any advice on how to get my kid back to normal and adjust him to rules again??

He's punching and demanding and fake crying for everything. No please or thank you's. Just demands and growls at me when he does it! and screamed bloody murder when I tried to put his PJs on... and screamed that he wanted to sleep on the couch watching TV. I know for a fact that BD would put him "to bed" this way. Let him lay on the couch til 2am watching tv until he passed out.. LO is 3 years old! Just because BD and his mom didn't want to deal with the little fuss LO would put up when going to bed. Well now instead of a tiny fuss (that I could easily control and get him to calm down and go to bed) it's a huge dramatic screaming ordeal!

BD's reason for letting LO do WHATEVER he wanted? "Mom doesn't like to hear him cry." That's right. BD's mom doesn't like to hear LO fuss AT ALL so they just give him whatever.

I'm so frustrated. I've had him back for two days and it's been hell. He's a brat!! I'm so upset and sad.
The one thing that everyone always commented on LO when I had him was how polite and sweet he was. This is completely different child now :(

And everything he's doing that's bad, when I tell him no he screams that Daddy and Nana let him do it.

Brandi Eastman 2 kids; Youngsville, Pennsylvania 1452 posts
Aug 27th '12

my LO hasnt spent more than 3 weeks with his father and he always comes back different, with some new bad habit. I can't imagine what 2 months would do to him....
best suggestion is patience, patience, and more patience. He has spent 2 months in a completely different environment. and Like you said, he is only 3. you can't expect him to change over night. Just keep reinforcing YOUR rules and expectations. he will come around eventually.

C-Fab|MoM to HD| Due February 19 (girl); 2 kids; Clarksville, Tennessee 2650 posts
Aug 27th '12

My LO doesnt have to go for that long with her dad but she goes a week a month and 4 weeks broken up in june and july.
I know how you feel, my daughter comes back outrageous,acts like a heathen.
The only thing that really gets her back to normal is me being stern and persistent.
Also your LO has been gone awhile you might have lost a little bit of patience and tolerance you build up with normal day to day fits they usually have.
You'll get your normal LO back within a week or so im sure.

Amanda Contento Florida 2302 posts
Aug 27th '12

Gosh I leave for 5 days on vacation with hubby and my daughter is spoiled from her grandparents. They would let her get away with murder and take the blame for her. It's too much, she comes home talking back to me, not listening to me, acting like she's the boss of the house. I just have to be stern with her and tell her this is MY house and you will go by MY rules.