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veggie86 TTC since Apr 2014; Somewhere, IA, United States 90 posts
Sep 16th '12
Quoting BoogerBear's Momma:" This. And shit can happen. Do you really want to be completely dependent on your boyfriend? What ... [snip!] ... but in the end, all you are left with is no friends, a stressful relationship, no further education, and a child at your hip. "

My cousin is owed over $33,000 from the father of her 2 kids, she still hasn't been a dime. And he just had another child with another woman. My sister is owed over 10k from her deadbeat ex for their 2 kids. I know 3 other girls who are owed large amounts of child support from deadbeats who want nothing to do with their kids. I'm not saying at all that this will happen to the OP (I bet he's a great guy), but when bringing another life into the world, it's so important to plan for the worst. You can't prevent everything, but you can safeguard yourself. Getting a career and work experience will really help insure security later on if the woman needs to go back to work for whatever reason.

I really hope the OP waits.