Hard life lesson...Learned!!!! Bailey Sage's Mommy! 17 kids; Texas 24 posts
3rd Sep '12

Today we had a half day at school, I decided to go but my boyfriend didn't. He said he was going to to go get me a gift for our 2year anniversary which was Sept. 2nd and for my birthday which is Sept. 5th. I get home and my brother shows me a picture a ex girlfriend of his took today of them together in the car. I broke it off right there. I will still talk to him only when it concerns our daughter but nothing more. He told me I was over reacting... but the thing is this girl has tried my ENTIRE pregnancy to get him back!!! Do you think I over reacted?

Lois. 1 child; Pennsylvania 2602 posts
status 3rd Sep '12

You didn't overreact. That's fucked up and if he's willing to do that to his pregnant girlfriend, I highly doubt he'll ever stop.
It's better that you get out now and not put the baby through an unhealthy relationship.

Nussie 2 kids; California 2211 posts
3rd Sep '12

No you didnt overreact. He lied he got caught. Dont let him treat you that way.

Mommy 2 Sarah!!! Due December 29; Massachusetts 458 posts
3rd Sep '12

Nope def didn't over react and I prob would have slapped him across the face as I was breaking up with him. Lol don't feel bad just be happy u found out now instead of later

Adrianna's mommy . 1 child; Illinois 211 posts
3rd Sep '12

no you didnt over react !
i would do the same thing you did .
your the one CARRYINH his child .
you did what you thinks best for you and your baby ,
good for you !

The Bear and The Bird 2 kids; Vantaa, Finland 42577 posts
3rd Sep '12

Uh....unless it was a picture of them kissing or f**king, yeah, you severely over-reacted.

Darren's Mama 1 child; Antelope, California 291 posts
3rd Sep '12

Nope, I would have reacted the same most likely. It's funny how the person that didn't do anything wrong is blamed for overreacting.

luvmy2kids4ever Due June 20; Japan 3 posts
3rd Sep '12

I'd have done the same thing.
It's time to think you and baby!! forget about him!!

Lexrex TTC since Nov 2013; 32 kids; 3 angel babies; Nebraska 4295 posts
3rd Sep '12

No you didnt. Why the hell was any girl in the car that isnt his friend or family, especially an ex girlfriend at that. He was suppose to be getting you a gift. I wouldve laughed in his face if he told me he took her for advice on a gift.ugh guys like him make me want to not talk to guys! You did not overreact mamas. Good luck

Daphne Westcott 17 kids; Johannesburg, South Africa 410 posts
4th Sep '12

NO you are so not over reacting and any one that tells you you are needs to wake up a commited man does not need to lie in the first place nevermind hanging out with other woman and on top of that dont tell me he didnt know she wanted him back .. He knew to well thats for sure and i know this out of personal experience make him crawl back to you just to dumb his ass again

The Bear and The Bird 2 kids; Vantaa, Finland 42577 posts
4th Sep '12

I'll never cease being amazed by the insanity of women.