Lady-Lunarius 1 child; Oklahoma 87 posts
22nd Sep '12

I had my little one 2 days ago. ^_^ She has so many 9's in her birth records I think we have a lucky number for her. Lol

#4! Due September 15; 3 kids; Pinellas Park, Florida 2 posts
22nd Sep '12

I was due 9/16, with my fourth! And Im still pregnant.... Patiently waiting for my daughter...... Not dilated....

Christina King Due September 25; 1 child; Ontario 19 posts
22nd Sep '12

i was due he 26th i ended up having her the 19th

Jazmin's mommy 1 child; Utica, New York 68 posts
22nd Sep '12

I'm due September 27th and i am 2 cm dilated.. Excited but nervous.!!

Lil Dre est:09-26-12 1 child; Maryland 28 posts
24th Sep '12

My due date was the 15th I'm still pregnant 41 weeks and 2 days I check in the hospital today to get induced. Congrats to all the ladies on their bundle of joy can't wait to see and hold mine cute Lil angel face :)