♥cuppycake♥ 4 kids; Jacksonville, Florida 446 posts
Sep 6th '12

with my first maybe 5 minutes,she was out in three pushes i second about 7 or 8 minutes.and my third im not sure,they had me close my legs and told me not to push til the doctor got there lol ,i was to focused on the pain.

ღCeceღ 2 kids; Somewhere in, GA, United States 12691 posts
Sep 6th '12
Quoting The Biscuit Farmer.:" Just short times lol. Wish I had only taken 20 minutes. haha"

Oh hahaha I'm like "uh oh what's going on" :D

ღCeceღ 2 kids; Somewhere in, GA, United States 12691 posts
Sep 6th '12
Quoting Deanna M. Williams:" i had an epi, and with an epi, i guess you're supposed to feel little bit of pressure while pushing, ... [snip!] ... feel any all. not even a tiny bit. i pushed for 52 minutes. i coudve had my baby out sooner if i felt something."

I had an epi too although they turned mine off once I got close so when I pushed I felt everything

KrisTeeAndPea 1 child; Pennsylvania 463 posts
Sep 6th '12

hour and a half. only because he was face up and stuck. almost ended in a c section. thank goodness it didnt:)

Cayden&Paisley's Mommy 2 kids; Hickory, North Carolina 704 posts
Sep 6th '12

Exactly an hour with my first. And maybe 30 minutes with my second

Just a stick figure 1 child; 3785 posts
Sep 6th '12

I labored natural for 14 hours and only pushed for 15 minutes.

Diamond in the Rough 2 kids; 2 angel babies; H, Pa, United States 3000 posts
Sep 6th '12

21 Minutes, probably could of done it faster if the doctor stopped making me take breaks lol.

Adriana'sMombie 1 child; Quakertown, Pennsylvania 2113 posts
Sep 6th '12
Quoting ...CeCe...:" I had an epi too although they turned mine off once I got close so when I pushed I felt everything"

they never turned mine off.
always thought they were supposed to.

it wasnt on my mind at the time of delivering, so i couldnt remind them. i was only thinking about holding my baby.

Summerfrost 51 kids; Massachusetts 6871 posts
Sep 6th '12

maybe 5 minutes the first time, failed the second time and ended with an emergency c-section, 3rd time about 2 seconds .. lol, 4th time was another flop. It seems to go either way for me. The babies either practically slide right out or they get stuck.

£iones§ Due May 5; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Somewhere in, WV, United States 155 posts
Sep 6th '12

I pushed for less than 10 min. Which I'm thankful for because my midwive warned me during my pregnancy that with first time moms it could take hrs. Which totally freaked me out about labor..But it happened really fast. She told me afterwards that I was lucky ;)

.Jezebel. TTC since Dec 2015; 1 child; Sumter, South Carolina 10050 posts
Sep 6th '12

15 minutes!

.nnnb British Columbia 18155 posts
Sep 6th '12

2 hours!

friendlygirl626 6 kids; Kansas 8593 posts
Sep 6th '12

1st - 45 min
2nd - 10 min
3rd - 2 contactions / 6 pushes total
4th - didn't really need to body just took over and she just kind of "came out" about 15 minutes after we made it to the hospital
5th - 20 min

3.24.10☀9.10.11☀12.13.14 TTC since Sep 2015; 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Oregon 3519 posts
status Sep 6th '12

20 min with my first.

My second was out in half a push. I started to push and she came flying out, the doctor removed the cord from baby's neck then let me pull the rest of her out.

Wolfskrieger 17 kids; Morgan Hill, California 1569 posts
Sep 6th '12

30 minutes.