a little confused Focused & Determined 2 kids; Omaha, Nebraska 448 posts
7th Sep '12

Here's a little history. I got what I thought was my af on the 6th of august. Only I never really bled. Only enough to see when I wiped. I went and bought 3 preg tests. I took one that night. It was positive. Took one in the morning the next day again positive. I continued to bleed very lightly. Only soaking a pad a day. So the following Monday I called a nurse to see if the bleeding was normal because I was starting to get worried. She said it was normal and scheduled me an appt to see a doctor. I decided to take my last test on Wednesday and it was still positive. Well unfortunately I didn't make it to that appt because that Thursday I miscarried. I went to the er and they did a urine test and said it had came back neg. My question is is that possible? Is it possible to test pos one day and neg the next with a miscarriage? Only test they did was the urine. No blood work or pelvc exam!!!!

~~Kris~~ 18 kids; California 1795 posts
7th Sep '12

when i had my chemical pregnancy i tested positive than negative the next day, and it was a strong positive too, it was after what i thought was my period and i never would have known if i didn't get that weird feeling to test. i did manage to get pregnant my very next cycle tho :) so don't give up! :)

Focused & Determined 2 kids; Omaha, Nebraska 448 posts
8th Sep '12

I really wish they would have did more test...I was so excited...but I feel I am preggo again...just gonna wait it out this time though!!!! And congrats to you!!!