Crystal Worth Due December 21 (boy); 2 kids; Gooding, Idaho 6 posts
8th Oct '12
Im due Dec 22nd but im having a C-section. So they are thinking around the 17th of Dec. this will be my 3rd baby Boy! Yep i said 3 BOYS lol.. im excited.
sillygirltracyb_caius1222 4 kids; North Richland Hills, Texas 614 posts
8th Oct '12

funny. .me too.. this baby boy is kicking and moving constantly. I have twin boys who are now 13 and I really don't remember the two of them moving around this much. Everyone tells me it's bc they didnt have as much room, but tbh i dont remember my daughter moving this much either. Of course when I was preg w her, my twins were 9months old so i probably was too busy to pay much attention.. I just hope this baby is as good as the other 3 because they are sweet mild mannered never been hyper or problem kids... so i get a little worried with all of his activity.

15th Oct '12

im due january 1st but i have a csection scheduled for the 26th of december if that helps any?? :)

Kariann Guidos Due December 25 (boy); New York 1 posts
17th Oct '12
Quoting Proudmommytobe122612:" I'm Due December 26th This is my first pregnancy and I'm having a boy I'm looking for Due date buddies ... [snip!] ... date buddies so I can have some people to talk to & discuss my thoughts and know if everything that happens is normal! :)"

ahh!! i'm due Dec 26th too! they originally told me Jan 1st, but then after having the ultrasound they said it was Dec 26th! this is my first and i'm also having a boy!!! i'm really hoping he doesnt come on Christmas day! haha

Amber Ward Stuckman Due December 25; Japan 1 posts
17th Oct '12

Im also due on the 26th of Dec! Well actually we were told the 25th or 26th but my doctor is going with the 26th. This is my fourth baby :) girl #3! My second daughter was born on Dec 27th so this isnt my first christmas baby but Im hoping to go early I really dont want to be in the hospital on christmas especially since I have 3 other children.

Denisa Titchen Due December 26; Japan 1 posts
22nd Oct '12

Quoting 2happy:" Per my last ultrasound measuring with a due date of Dec 27th. This will be my second son."
im due the same and having a boy also
Crystal Hensley Due December 22; Japan 1 posts
23rd Oct '12

Im due December 27th with a Boy!!! :)

sillygirltracyb_caius1222 4 kids; North Richland Hills, Texas 614 posts
30th Oct '12

I'm just reading about alot of yall that are talking about scheduled c-sections. Is there a reason so early that you know you are needing a c-section? My first pregnancy was twin boys and they didnt know until closer to the end that I needed a c-section bc my Twin A was breach and the DR was afraid they'd lock chins on the way out. My 2nd pregnancy was VBAC with no complications and no drugs, so I just find it curious that so many people are talking about scheduled births and c-sections for december due dates.. I have no intention of having another c-section, nor would I wish that on anyone.. The vaginal birth was a much easier recovery.

TheShoeFits06 2 kids; Oceanside, California 20 posts
2nd Nov '12

I am due Dec 23rd with a baby boy (have a 6 year old daughter)... I am opting for a VBAC :) Although our Naval Hospital is C-section happy :/ but as long as I go into labor on my own a VBAC shouldnt be a problem! :) I am hoping to go into labor early and NOT be in the hospital on Christmas

Any of yall packed your hospital bags and all that yet??