First-Time-Mum 1 child; Australia 2 posts
10th Sep '12

I can't wait for that first contraction, I wanna meet my baby girl so bad, I'm terrible at waiting! Not to mention sick of being huge and uncomfortable lol

Jordyn Parker-Diotte Due October 15 (girl); Windsor, Ontario 7 posts
11th Sep '12

im being induced on october second to my first baby, and she's a girl, 35 weeks today. :)

Kellierox 1 child; Sacramento, California 160 posts
12th Sep '12

I'm 34 weeks now and I am so ready for him to be here! This is our first. I am a little bit nervous about labor, mostly because of the pain and the kidney problems I have. I think he is going to be huge. There are about 15 other girls in one of my pregnancy classes that are due in October, and I am by far the biggest out of all of them! Congrats to you all ladies!

Maria Rose Due October 20; Maryland 8 posts
12th Sep '12

hi! i am due Oct 21st i am 34 wks and 2 days and we are expecting a little girl! i think she'll be big but i could be wrong . i feel really uncomfortable and i cant sleep haha. i am very impatient im so looking forward to holding my princess in my arms :)

8/13/09*&*09/28/12 2 kids; Indiana, Pennsylvania 260 posts
12th Sep '12

Gonna be 36 weeks tomorrow! oh my am i excited :) 4 wls to go

Alicia Waggoner Due October 10; 2 kids; Kingwood, West Virginia 7 posts
13th Sep '12

I'm due 10/11/12 and have a c-section scheduled that day. This will be my 3rd (1 boy age 5 and 1 girl age 3)!! Don't know if it'll be our last or not. I'm feeling anxious and I think she might be coming earlier than the 11th. If she does I have to race to the hospital for an emegency c-section because I've had 2 previous c-sections and it's to much of a risk doing natural labor!

nothingness Arizona 3578 posts
14th Sep '12

I'm due Oct 21 and soo ready to already have him hahaha I don't think he'll be too big, but I could be wrong!! Me and my SO were both 7 lbs, so hopin no more than 8!

Ashley Eberhardinger Due October 20; Japan 2 posts
16th Sep '12
Quoting 8/13/09*&*10/11/12:" So just wondering if you ladies are excited & can't wait for babies to get here?! Do you think your ... [snip!] ... (: I couldnt be more excited & ready!! Lets See Some October Baby Bumps!!!! Heres Mine at 35 weeks & 4 days. "
Tiffany Atkinson 17 kids; Imperial Beach, California 51 posts
18th Sep '12

Well according to my doctor my due date is October 23rd, but I guess my little man is measuring to be bigger than that so they moved it to the 22nd, then the 15th, and now they are sending me to a specialist because he is measuring to be due September 30th! How crazy. I mean i'm very excited and very ready for him to be here but something isn't sounding right to me. Hopefully i'll get this resolved on the 24th of this month when I go have my ultrasound. I definitely have a big ol belly and he has dropped like crazy. Everyone says it looks like he will be here in no time. Wish me luck :)

ShannonH88 Due October 29 (girl); Coquitlam, British Columbia 4 posts
18th Sep '12
Quoting Kaylen Jean Clifford:" Due October 31st, but the c-section will be scheduled for the week before..everyone says I'm tiny, so ... [snip!] ... c-section and baby's recovery (birth defect will require surgery). But I just have a feeling that everything will be okay. :D"

Ive been told, and after ive been told, noticed that small mamma's dont always mean small babies. My friend was tiny and still popped out a 8+lb baby girl. Im 34 weeks along and am the same size as my friend who's 25 weeks along so im interested to see how our babies weights compare.

Octobermama2012 Due October 7 (boy); Japan 1 posts
18th Sep '12

Im 37 weeks and due october 8th with a little boy his name will be daniel im 3cm and scared of labor anyone else getting nervous about labor

TashiaK Due October 17 (girl); Richmond, Virginia 65 posts
18th Sep '12

I'm due October 18th! This will be our first child and we are expecting a girl! We're so excited, and I am at the point where I just want her out now lol. Congrats to everyone!

Sopasmommy Due August 31; 1 child; Anchorage, Alaska 12 posts
19th Sep '12

I'm so excited. Due October 6th! Dr. thinks she is going to be a big baby and I'm already in early labor! I cant wait to meet my little girl! :) only 2 and 1/2 weeks to go if she comes on her due date!
Congratulations everyone! We're almost there!!! :)

Maria Rose Due October 20; Maryland 8 posts
19th Sep '12

i am scared of labor ... this is my first baby ... im due oct 21st... we'll see how it goes... it will all be worth it ... to have my daughter in my arms ! :D

lisa howey Due October 18 (boy); 3 posts
20th Sep '12
Quoting 8/13/09*&*10/11/12:" So just wondering if you ladies are excited & can't wait for babies to get here?! Do you think your ... [snip!] ... (: I couldnt be more excited & ready!! Lets See Some October Baby Bumps!!!! Heres Mine at 35 weeks & 4 days. "

i go into have my second son on oct 11th for c section ........ im very excited but kinda sad its almost over this pregnacy went so fast but over joyed to meet my new stud ....... my first born son was a big boy so im thinking this one will b around the same size as well