NHL talexys 1 child; Ontario 1138 posts
15th Sep '12

I believe that the 2,500,000 fans who have already suffered a lock-out in the past should be joining together to boycott anything NHL related, this means NHL tickets(which we probably wont have a hard time doing this year) , apparel, and even the game we all love to play NHL 2013 etc.
The NHL and then NHLPA have both been fighting to better them selves, NHL players to make more money and the NHL to pay out less money,while us the NHL fans are the ones actually giving the money through previously mentioned items, it doesnt come out of their pockets. So if 1000, 100,000, or unrealistically 1,000,000 people actually took this to heart and didnt purchase anything nhl related this year the revenue that the NHL would normally make would be drastically altered.
If the revenue this year is substantially less, then maybe they will get the point that the fans are getting fed up with the childish games they are playing with eachother and the next time the two parties (NHLPA & the NHL) come together to make an agreement, they will long before the season should begin!!!
Thank You for reading.

user banned 2 kids; Hamilton, Ontario 19220 posts
15th Sep '12

What pisses me off most about the NHL strike.....was thats the year I met SO.


I got totally ripped off. We spent the winter falling in love, and when the next season rolled around - BOOM, out came the NHL FREAK.

Im still deciding on sueing NHL or not

Capt Plzen, Pl, Czech Republic 9110 posts
15th Sep '12

i need to watch my blackhawks, its was going to start in less than a month, and now? now its not.

i already bought my redwing hawk tickets though.