Department of Social Services Miss Ashley +2 2 kids; New York 3790 posts
17th Sep '12


Sorry idk how things work in other states but I am SOOO beyond frustrated with these STUPID people!

I am currently living in a Pregnancy Center to help me get back on my feet with my two girls (ALONE). & these IDIOTS have denied me any benefits .. why ? ... well their reasoning is because I am apparently a household of ONE .... hmmm well that is interesting since I am 34 weeks pregnant & have a 4 year old. I could understand them not counting the baby-in-belly but since when does a 4 year old not count for anything ?! THEN I tell them that I simply can not work the extra 30 hours a week that they want me to work FOR THEM TO PAY FOR MY BENEFITS as I am 34 weeks pregnant and enrolled in school. They asked me how I was paying for school, so I told them my employer is paying for the classes as it will benefit my skills in the office (I work as a social media specialist & my employer ((also my grandmother)) is having me take classes for Social Media Marketing & after the baby I am going back for my PARALEGAL A.A.S.). They had me get a letter from her stating that she is in fact paying the $1,205 for my classes. She typed it up signed it and I brought it in. On top of that I printed out the reciept to show them that the $1,205 was CHARGED from HER AMEX TO THE SCHOOL!!!! HOW.... DID THIS DUMB BROAD OVER AT THIS OFFICE PUT DOWN THAT I AM NOW MAKING $1,205 A MONTH ON TOP OF THE $433 I AM MAKING A MONTH WORKING FOR HER??????????? So their reasoning for denying me ANY & ALL BENEFITS IS BECAUSE I APPARENTLY MAKE $1,638.33 A MONTH FOR A HOUSEHOLD OF 1 ??????????????

I can't I am so flabbergasted by the lack of intelligence at these offices. No, I do not think that EVERYONE that works there are a bunch of uneducated idiots that can't do simple math or read a paper correctly. But this woman TOOK THE WHOLE DAMN CAKE! So now I have to go for a fair hearing trial in order to get any type of help. I am just so mad, I even called her supervisor to explain how this woman messed up my paper work so badly!! GAH !!

So sorry for the vent I just can't even believe this.

wilde_mommy 4 kids; Columbus, Ohio 3459 posts
17th Sep '12

If they dont fix it request a state hearing! that is total crap

Miss Ashley +2 2 kids; New York 3790 posts
17th Sep '12
Quoting wilde_mommy:" If they dont fix it request a state hearing! that is total crap"

you're telling me !! OMG i am so livid i can not wait for this DUMB woman to call me back!!! HOW UNINTELLIGENT COULD YOU POSSIBLY BE !! The letter CLEARLY states that $1,205 was charged to an AMEX for SCHOOL and this b***h really is trying to say that I make that money EVERY MONTH!!! Oh my god!! I am just DUMBFOUNDED !!