have you taken raspberry ketones? Mama2Des&Cam 2 kids; New York 177 posts
21st Sep '12

ok so i read threads on here about it just now. and i myself ordered 3 bottles they are called ketone pure.. the only other ingredient in it is gelatin for the capsule. they are 500mgs and i was wondering who has taken them and IF you have what brand have you boughten and how long have you been on them and how much weight have you lost so far??! i need to lose 60lbs BAD! also if you have have you changed your eating habits, and are you exercising on top of cutting back on the food and taking these "miracle pills" i have a 60day money back gaurntee i just want to know if the ones i bought are effective so, share your success with me please :) :) :)

Devil's Advocate Beverly Hills, California 18191 posts
21st Sep '12

Wow. I hope it wasn't expensive. It would be a gigantic waste if it was.