Epidural side effects? LoveMyBabyz 2 kids; West Virginia 238 posts
22nd Sep '12

I had my baby 9 days ago, and for the last 2 or 3 days I have had a horrible headache, but its only when I stand up or bend over or sneeze. When im setting down or laying down I dont really feel it. Could that be a side effect from getting the epidural and should I call the doctor or just wait it out.

account is deleted Maine 3500 posts
22nd Sep '12

I never had any problem with my epi, it worked great and started to wear off as soon as she took the needle out. I'd probably bring it up if its that bad.

.:Michelle:. 3 kids; Mississauga, Ontario 3551 posts
22nd Sep '12

This may not be what is wrong with you but it reminded me of it.

Jenny&Boopy 3 kids; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 9302 posts
status 23rd Sep '12

Sounds like a spinal headache if it comes when you sit or stand up then goes away when you lie down. I had them too, they went away a few days ago. Idk if it helped but I drank a lot of caffeine the last two days and it seemed to make it go away.

Amanda Schoeneich 2 kids; Milwaukee, Wisconsin 39 posts
23rd Sep '12

i sorta have the same thing but i dont think mine is from the epi ik my back is a bit bruised n swollen n hurts from it i had my baby 6 days ago