Beth1131 Due April 20; 1 child; Suffolk, Virginia 2 posts
30th Oct '12

I am due April 21.
Our 2nd.

1 boy and 1 angel baby. Excited about the ultrasound soon.

Kinna Smith Due April 16; 1 child; Helenwood, Tennessee 7 posts
1st Nov '12

Due April 17th (if it doesn't change again....been between the 17th and 22nd) with baby #2 I have a 2 1/2 year old son!

Rachel Boorman Due April 3; Spokane, Washington 3 posts
8th Nov '12

I'm due april 4th! With my first!

KayKay0526 Due April 17 (boy); Port Richey, Florida 4 posts
10th Nov '12
Quoting Simonaa [Mommy of 4]:" Where are all the April '13' Mommies at!? I havent been on in forever and so much has changed I dont even know where to start!! :) Hope yous all are having a greeat and safe Weekend!"

hello im due april 18th with my first i find out thursday what im having :)

baby_russell1 Due April 27; Japan 1 posts
11th Nov '12

Quoting Heather Rios:" I am here! Due the 28th :)"

Me too! (:

Misty Glanders Due April 29; 2 kids; Michigan City, Indiana 1 posts
11th Nov '12

.I'm new to this site and were expecting number 3 on April 27th... good luck and I hope to make a few due date buddies.... I have had a long 4 mos. already.... if you want to know message me...

RBoyd Due April 14; Japan 3 posts
11th Nov '12

We are due April 15 after our 1 year wedding anniversary!!! Daddy and mommy can't be more excited!!!

Cecelia Phillips Due April 6 (girl); Kentwood, Louisiana 2 posts
12th Nov '12

y first baby was born april 2 2010 and baby 2 should be here april 7th 2013

Lisa mummy hill Due April 14; 4 kids; Earl Shilton, United Kingdom 1 posts
17th Nov '12

Im due April the 15th