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I love my aunt! Sidneyღ'sLayla 1 child; Tulsa, Oklahoma 1230 posts
24th Sep '12

Post up to 4 pictures of your LO and either their aunt or something to do with aunts (Like a shirt or something)
Include both names
NO professional pictures or asking for personal votes
Announcing contest is fine
I will make something for the winners!

I am entering my daughter but will make voting private and fair. Have fun!!

AngelGabriel'sMama 1 child; Dayton, Ohio 2103 posts
24th Sep '12

Angel Gabriel and Aunt D. A very proud aunt holding her first nephew the day he was born. :)


C A R M E L A💜 1 child; Mahopac, New York 16272 posts
24th Sep '12

Alyssa & Aunt Ia (Daniella)

*3*Luv*Bugs* 3 kids; Georgia 2239 posts
24th Sep '12

My 3 girls, Haley, Olivia & Evelyn and their Aunt Elizabeth, although they call her "Sissy".
Evelyn & Sissy

Bethys Mommy. 17 kids; 2 angel babies; San Diego, California 2138 posts
24th Sep '12

Bethany and her aunt kayla

Shanti & Tay 17 kids; Ontario 9188 posts
24th Sep '12

deleted post.......

bethandlance 1 child; Kentucky 28 posts
24th Sep '12

Madison with her aunt Brittany when she was born :)

bethandlance 1 child; Kentucky 28 posts
24th Sep '12

Madison And Her With Her Aunt Brittany When She Was Born

Madison with a Auntie Loves Me Shirt on

Damien & Wyatt's Mommy 2 kids; Junction City, Kansas 25956 posts
24th Sep '12

Damien and Auntie (Desirae)

★ Raych ★ 19 kids; Roanoke, Virginia 5348 posts
24th Sep '12
Arwen Und Due July 1; 1 child; Wisconsin 471 posts
status 24th Sep '12

Can it be two different aunts?

Mother of Hayward. 1 child; Illinois 2673 posts
24th Sep '12

Hailey and her Aunt Randa (Maranda)
Hailey's 1 and her aunt is 13. (:

MonkCakes 3 kids; Texas 20945 posts
25th Sep '12

Feeonah (2yrs) and her aunt krystina

please dont mind me in the back ground haha i was reallllly tired

MonkCakes 3 kids; Texas 20945 posts
25th Sep '12

Penelope (5 months) and aunt Krystina


Mommyofaprince TTC since Mar 2013; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Las Vegas, Nevada 14686 posts
25th Sep '12


tareq and my sis jasmine


all my son tareq and my sis jasmine