I'm 20 married and pregnant with our first together... I nee momof1sweetheart2 Due May 27; Japan 2 posts
24th Sep '12

ok so when I was 17 I married my now husband for legal reasons and financial reasons. I was a teen mom at the time and needed more help and he was willing to help. He was a chinese student here on a visa to learn here and he wanted to stay longer. So it seemed to make sense like it could work and it has. Up until now, I realize I don't really want to spend forever with him and I dont reallt seriously think he does with me either. I'm finishing college and after my achelor's degree ill be able to become an accountant. He is a journalist. He makes good money but I really know I don't see this relationship will last. I actually was never attracted to him and we were good friends and I love him in that way. I know also I'm not really even all that into men but our marriage was more a business deal. I don't really know if abortion is a good idea it was quite unexpected. Ut at the same time we can provide and e a happy faily. i just don't see our marriage seriously lasting. Well I wonder if I'l truly e happy that way. If I did. Any advice like does this sound like aortion is the answer? i have dealt with worst with my daughter being a very young teen mom....Ut idk aout the future it's uncertain abbout the relationship and all....

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status 24th Sep '12

Just do what you think is the best decision for yourself, and your situation. As for staying married to him, if you know you are not attracted to men, and know the relationship/marriage won't last and you don't want to spend forever with him, I would divorce. Is he a legal permanent resident, yet? Marrying an immigrant is tricky business, financially for the US citizen sponsoring. Whatever you choose to do good luck.

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24th Sep '12

If you can't honestly see yourself with him then I wouldn't be with his. But I would seriously cautious about telling anyone the real reason behind why you got married

momof1sweetheart2 Due May 27; Japan 2 posts
24th Sep '12

yea for the part I feel that why wegot married has een accomplished or will be in a matter of months... Eventually I plan to terminate this marriage. Asically I feel ad for not trying to make it work since I'm pregnant and all