My labor story . . . . Skylars Mommy xo Due September 7 (girl); Brockton, Massachusetts 37 posts
24th Sep '12

i had Skylar Shay on september 12th . at 703 am . she was 8lbs 6oz & 20 1/2 in long ... i was induced , i went in monday night & they started a pill to soften my cervix , my contractions started in hour afterwards , i went walking around the hospital to try and get them going a lil better but it wasnt working i was still only 1cm dialated -__- but then they started me on pitocin , after a few hours i was 3cms , then before i knew it i was 5cm . i was stuck at 5 foreverrrrrr , after 11 hours i finally gave in & got an epidural , only so i could sleep i got about an hour of sleep & then my epidural stopped working so they came in & took it out and moved it around worked for 20 mins then stopped again , so they did a complete new one that one worked for about an hour but i woke up an coould feel all my contractions , i asked if she could give me some type of meds cus felt weak and didnt wanna not be able to push she said no cus your 9cm it wont kick in in time , so i gave birth naturally and most of my labor was natural , it hurt so bad but after 30 hours i finally had her ! and shes amazing , being a mom is undescribable .