40 weeks 4 days Pregnant Natasha Stock 4 kids; Tooele, Utah 124 posts
25th Sep '12

SO I was wanting to do a VBA2C but it isn't looking like I am going to get it I am still not dilating I lost my mucous plug and got a membrane sweep done yesterday and was having contractions all day but went to sleep and woke up with none!!! So my doctor said that if nothing has happened by next Tuesday than I will be getting another Csection because my body is starting to show signs of Toxemia so I hope I make it another week!!! I am going in again to get my BP checked and get a NST today and than on Thursday I am getting checked and if nothing happens we get to finally meet our little Princess!!!!!

Mirror Seeing 1 child; 1 angel baby; Kilgore, Texas 2507 posts
25th Sep '12

good luck! I hope your tests are fine and you get have your VBA2C!!

I'm hoping I can accomplish this in about 5 years!!

i'm a new soul 1 child; Worcester, Massachusetts 1338 posts
25th Sep '12

Good luck! you must be so ready!

A ♥s E.T. Due March 14; 18 kids; Cheyenne, Wyoming 21773 posts
25th Sep '12

Good luck, I hope you get your VBAC!

Mom of 4 + 1 on the way Due January 25; 4 kids; Des Moines, Iowa 87 posts
25th Sep '12

good luck, to you and your family

Natasha Stock 4 kids; Tooele, Utah 124 posts
25th Sep '12

Thanks ladies!! I am so lucky I have felt amazing during this pregnancy this is the farthest I have gone. My first I was 37 weeks 2 days and with my daughter I was only 35 weeks pregnant so I am so happy I made it this far!!