Birthing experience? Jennifer's Mommy:) 1 child; Wisconsin 16 posts
26th Sep '12

You know everyone says its so horrible to get pregnant young, which it definitely is. But now that I'm going to have a baby I'm BEYOND excited. I'm going to have a little girl, due December 25th, 2012. I may be a teen but I'm doing everything I should be. I went out & got a job, finishing school, ext. The father of my daughter chooses that he don't want to be in her life, which is fine because i have a wonderful boyfriend who wants to be here for 'us' :) So everything is going wonderful right now. The only thing that is starting to scare me is that in 6 days I will be in my 3rd trimester. Which means that baby is going to be coming soon. & its the birthing process which freaks me out. I watched my brothers girlfriend have her baby & she made it seem horrible. She also got the epidural done, which also really freaks me out. I would just like to know from other mothers how there birthing experience went, what they took for medication & how it just in general went down.

Nevaeh's mommy :) 1 child; Brandon, Florida 981 posts
26th Sep '12

i love labor i would do it everyday if i could...did it hurt? yes, but was it worth it YES...having a baby is the best feeling in the world. i got the EPI but i wouldnt have got it if they checked me first to see how far dialated i was..i was 9cm so i slept through my last cm lol but the i was like super woman i tokk control i held my own legs and pushed her out i did it when the doc was getting ready lol i wasnt waiting do just fine...everyone is dif dont think just cause one person had a "bad birth" dont mean yours will be

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
26th Sep '12

Every woman has a different experience. I had an epidural both time because once my water broke I progressed so quickly the pain was unbearable for me. Neither experience was horrible looking back. For my first I was very relaxed for the majority of it but did push for two hours because she was sideways. My second I was in active labor for 1.5 hours and pushed for maybe 15 minutes. My epidural never fully kicked in but it was enough to relieve some of the pain.

*Brittnee* 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Utah 4135 posts
status 26th Sep '12

1st(due date: dec 25th)- Sunday dec 14th I woke up and had my bloody show my hubby made me go up to the hospital at 10am. I was 3cm 20% effaced. I walked around for an 40mins and was rechecked, 3cm 50%. At 12pm I was almost rushed to an emergency csection due to the fact my sons heart rate dropped to 50, but shortly after they got my iv in it went up. at 6pm I decided to get an epi,(his heart rate dropped again at 7pm and they broke my water to put a monitor on the top of his head. i was at 6cm 70%. 11:20pm it was time to start pushing he was born at 11:46pm 7lbs 6oz
2nd (due date july 28th)- wed. july 7th at 3pm went in to my 37wk appointment and I was in early labor 3cm 50%. went up to the hospital at 8pm 3cm 50% was sent home at 10pm since there was no change. After I picked up my son I took a shower and went into full blown labor. Thursday july 8th 12am I call my mom to watch my son. got back up to the hospital and all checked in it was 2:30am I was 5cm 80%. got my epi at 3am. slept tell 6:25am when my new nurse walks in to see my my son wasn't on the monitor anymore. I was at 10cm 100%. my doc didn't make it started to push at 6:30am he was born at 6:36am 6lbs
3rd (due date feb 26th)- sunday feb 19th at 6am headed up to the hospital to get induced.(2cm) at 7:15am they started my pitocin. felt my first contraction at 9:30am. was at 4cm 50%. 10:30am I decided to not get the epi,(No pain meds) was at 5cm 70%. 11am 10cm 100% started to push born at 11:12am 7lbs 10oz.

Taty[Team Pink♥] Due December 25; 1 child; California 196 posts
27th Sep '12

Everyone's experience is different for instance I was terrified thinking I would have to go through hours of pain but the pain wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be I labored mostly at home by the time I got to the hospital I was already 8 cm the pain was bad don't get me wrong but I had it built in my mind that it was going to be much worse and I was able to get through the first few hours w/o meds

Pinkman 1 child; Melbourne, VC, Australia 5501 posts
29th Sep '12

I had a pretty good birthing experience. It was quick and easy yet very painful even with my epidural.

shawna* Due December 5 (girl); 1 child; Windsor, Ontario 569 posts
29th Sep '12

You really just need to be prepared for any situation when your time comes. My birthing experience couldnt have been any further from what I had expected/wanted it to be. I went in with full intensions on getting the epidural and delivering my daughter vaginally. They tried 3 different times to give me the epidural but they were unable to do so because my epidural spot in my back was too far back to reach. I labored naturally for 9 hours in the hospital until I was 8 cm dilated than my cervix began to swell and when they checked me again I was 7cm. My contractions were lasting longer than the length of time between each contractions, so I was going through a contraction more often than not. The pain was so intense and I was so drowsy from medicine they tried giving me to ease the pain (which did not work) so asked for and was given a csection. If I could go back I would have stuck it out and delivered natural. Like I said, you just have to be prepared for anything that can happen