So unprepared 3 wks left(-.-) vent BeautifullyDoomed 2 kids; Corpus Christi, 456 posts
29th Sep '12

im 36 weeks 3 days and im having a repeat c-section on October 18th(im very excited) its going to be a long 3 weeks):
i still am not prepared like i should be, with my daughter i had her clothes washed and put in the dressers already and i have yet to do that for this baby.
i still havent packed my hospital bag, none of her clothes are washed and put up yet, and all her stuff(swing, basinet,bouncer,shoes,socks,blankets) are stacked in her crib. i feel like i have NO motivation to do anything. with my 1st pregnancy i wanted to clean get shit done but with this pregnancy i feel like i cant get off my ass and i really want and need too. how can i get myself to do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!! end vent

~*Flibbertigibbet*~ Helena, Montana 821 posts
29th Sep '12

That's how I've been as well. With this baby, we had NOTHING. We've just started getting the stuff we need (swing, travel system, bouncer, baby gym, crib, clothing) and a couple of weeks ago was when I washed all her clothes and put them away and set up her diaper station. I was so prepared with my first...but with my fourth? My give a shit took a shit LOL.

Don't worry, mama. They don't need much the first couple of months...just you. :)

castaway 2 kids; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 18955 posts
status 29th Sep '12

I think thats typical for a second baby. I was so prepared for my first. With my second, nothing was ready when i went into labor, no bag ready, carseat not in the car, etc. And all ended up fine.

Dont push yourself, it will all be fine in the end.

1Pink&1Blue 2 kids; Springfield, Ohio 1447 posts
29th Sep '12

I'm the same way now. With DD I had everything ready to be used and bags packed asap. But, this time around the only clothes that are washed are clothes other people's got him (because they gave them to my Grandma to give to me and she washed them for me before giving them to me). I don't have our bags packed or anything. I'm due Oct. 31st, so I'm not far behind you. My baby shower is the 6th and I haven't bought anything (crib or bassinet even) yet. I was waiting til my baby shower, which now is driving me crazy and makes me wish I didn't. My Grandma and Aunt are throwing it and insisted on me waiting to buy ANYTHING big or small til afterwards so I can just focus on what he doesn't get. I'm going to try to make sure atleast DD and I's bags are packed by 37 weeks. SO's dad and step-mom will be keeping her for a few days while I'm in the hospital and SO's Grandma wants to keep her for a few days after DS and I come home. I feel so far behind it isnt even funny. The only way I can get the motivation to do anything is to just get up and start doing it then I dont want to stop til Im too tired lol