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Fat-and-Happy TTC since Mar 2008; 1 child; Texas 13915 posts
4th Oct '12

Could it be......


glowinthedark 2 kids; Norway 29301 posts
5th Oct '12
Quoting ☾BizzyBee♉:" I really hope you're not saying ALL paganism is religions that were made up in the last 100 years or ... [snip!] ... disciple's eye... Religion is religion. Agree or disagree with it, but because you disagree with it does not make it lame. "

Uh no, that's why I said NEO-PAGANISM is lame.

glowinthedark 2 kids; Norway 29301 posts
5th Oct '12
Quoting Kayla [:)]♥:" Paganism has been around for a long time... Much longer than Christianity. :?"

Can you read?

glowinthedark 2 kids; Norway 29301 posts
5th Oct '12
Quoting ☾BizzyBee♉:" Many of the Neo-Paganist beliefs all base their religion from the ancient pagan rituals and beliefs. ... [snip!] ... 'lame', when many of those are not the same as the original writings intended them to be. Are all of those branches lame too?"

Yes, all organized religion is lame.

justwanttodelete Due July 23 (girl); Switzerland 1021 posts
6th Oct '12
Quoting Minion:" Why do some people refuse to celebrate Halloween? I've been told by a few that it's because Halloween ... [snip!] ... of saying a day is evil, when most people do not treat it as such. What do you think? Is Halloween evil? Do you celebrate?"

some believe it is evil because of the origin of Halloween. a long time ago people once believed on that day evil spirits could get you.the costumes and the jack o laterns were meant to ward off those spirits. a lot of holidays have a
different origin then you think. obviously now people just think its fun