MOMBiE; Chloe's Mama~ 1 child; Spencer, Massachusetts 11830 posts
2nd Oct '12

:? meh im still going to watch it either way.
im too invested in it now lol

K. P. Walsh Due August 5; Japan 1385 posts
2nd Oct '12
Quoting MommyingWithGrace:" Just read some stuff TLC said they never said they were leaving the Amish community for the first time. ... [snip!] ... away from their faith for the first time. By the end of the show, they will decide if they want to go home or start a new life."

I suppose it's true that they did kind of admit that they broke Amish before the show. TLC makes it seem like it's the first time because they filmed them "telling their families" which is incredibly misleading.
Remember when Kate mentioned she had gone to Florida when her Father kicked her out of the house?
It just doesn't make sense to me when i actually watch it. It seems like they all have a pretty good understand as to what goes on on the outside world, but they try to make it seem like they've been out in it before?

Susan Riebau Japan 1 posts
19th Nov '12

I think some of them look & sound legit from what I have seen of the MANY Amish & mennonites in OH: Abe especially (his "accent" is just like the ones around here), Rebecca, and Jeremiah; Kate & Sabrina, not so much. Not a big surprise that they would have to leave their communities if they were divorced. I think they were a bit more "worldly" than the ultra-conservative Amish I have seen. Honestly, I'm not so sure that Abe is the father of Rebecca's baby (not that it's any of our business, but they DID go on a TV show so should expect some questions, right??). I wonder if, God forbid, it was a relative...she was SO unwilling to talk about it. And whatever happened to her parents, mention of them, just her grandparents...she said the baby is staying with them.