Anyone had a peptic ulcer? Ellie. 34 kids; Arizona 25368 posts
2nd Oct '12

Trying to self diagnose myself because I dont want to go to the doctor. lol. Seems like I have quite a few symptoms, such as feeling that awful STARVING painful feeling after I eat, bad pain in my upper abdomen after eating, fatigue, etc

From what I read, I heard that pepto (which I've used a whole bottle through this weekend), and meds for acid reflux can help.

Any advice or anything that worked for you? If it gets worse, I'll go to the doc, but I dont want to run in for some stomach pains. lol

Blythe. 1 child; Indiana 21473 posts
2nd Oct '12

I was just googling ulcers. I have been having stomach pains for weeks! I would look for a list of foods to avoid