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3rd Oct '12

I went to my dr Appt on Sept 27th to check my progress. The dr wanted to discuss an induction from the severity of my PUPPS but would base it on my progress. I was at 1 cm and 60% thinned so they told me to check into labor and delivery at 9pm that night for gel application. We were very nervous and excited :) Let me say that from the moment we walked into the hospital (Southview) ALL the staff was amazing!

We got checked in and prepped up. It was hard to sleep since I was itching to insanity but we managed to get a few hours of sleep. the second gel application came, I was even more thinned but still only 1cm. at 6am they came to check me, still 1 cm but water not broken. Pitocin would start at 7:10am. The nurse and dr was out of the room literally 5 minutes and my water broke on its own:) YES my body was doing what it was supposed to! Pitocin started at 7:10, they ramped it up quickly since my water was broke but I got stuck at 2 cm.

I broke down and got the newbane (sp?) when the contractions hit nice and tall on the screen. They discussed helping me to dilate with a water balloon thingy but the Dr decided against it. They then discovered scar tissue on the opening of my cervix. The resident tried to help "break" it up by hand but I still never dilated past 2cm, I was having full on contractions only 3 minutes apart and broke down and got the epidural.
My fear of back problems stopping the epidural from happening almost came true. Luckily they were able to find a spot a tad higher than the first attempt that had enough room. Thank goodness. I know many are against it but when the contractions hit and I had flash backs to the pain I suffered in my youth I knew I had to have the epidural.
My contractions sat at 2 minutes apart for what seemed like forever. I had upped the epidural with the button about 4 times and I was still feeling them. Then my day changed. My dr came in with a very serious look. She had decided the scar tissue and something else was keeping baby from engaging and felt that we would never get me past 2 cm. It was 4pm and she did not want to wait close to the 24 hr mark and did not want to wait until the baby or I were in distress. She wanted to do a C-section. I was scared and started balling. Luckily I have a wonderful man, a dr who has had 2 herself and an amazing nursing staff. I know it was the safest route for baby and I agreed that I did not want to wait for her to be in distress.
Dan reminded me that the fact that I even got pregnant and carried to full term with no real health issues was a blessing in itself and to have her this way to insure we both stayed healthy was not a big deal. He was right, I would rather have the c-section than risk any harm coming to her at all. I was just scared.

The c-section started at 4:44 pm and our baby girl, Elektra Jean was born at 4:49 pm. she weighed 7lb 13.5 ounces, 21 inches long with a 14 inch head. She had adorable chubby cheeks and was as healthy as a baby can be. I balled when i heard her cry and saw her being cleaned off. We had did it. the less than a 1% chance baby had been born and was great! :)

After Dan took her out of the room I felt an anxiety attack coming on but luckily they gave me something to calm me down and the rest of the surgery went well.

As soon as I was set up in recovery, Dan was allowed to bring her in. It is their policy to take c-section babies to the special care nursery to be evaluated while I am finished up and moved to recovery. They allow Dad to be with the baby at all times though. We got to feed her and she never left our side unless she was being checked or we asked them to from that moment.

We are home and settling in. Dan has taken off work to help me get settled in. She is finally eating enough and is a happy baby :) I tried to come off my pain meds already but that was a big mistake and am now back on them.

Side note: they found fibroids in my uterus during the c-section that they believe along with the scar tissue was preventing me from dilating and her from engaging. The call by the dr to have the c-section was the correct call. even if we had made it to the 24 hour mark without distress my body most likely still would not have allowed her to engage or dilate.

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3rd Oct '12

Congrats :)

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3rd Oct '12