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3rd Oct '12
Quoting Whiskey.Tango.Foxtrot.:" I'm pretty sure they did cause that's the first and only time I've heard of this until now. It's so ... [snip!] ... But interesting at the same time. Like what you said in your OP. Is lack of love the facter to problems with kids?"

I'm sure for some it is, but I don't think all problems can be related back to lack of love. We were just discussing in class that all humans need love to survive. Besides the obvious nutrients, oxygen, sunlight, etc of course.

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3rd Oct '12
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5th Oct '12

We discussed that study in my child development class a couple of weeks ago. The babies who were left alone had a 100% mortality rate. She told us who did the study and where but I can't remember now. She mentioned it to us because it was related to our discussion about the attachments babies develop with their caregivers in order to survive. It's very sad.