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4th Oct '12
Quoting Ma Belle:" My DS is 7 months now and even though he eats some solids, he still eats approx 40oz of formula a day. ... [snip!] ... up but MUCH less so I think he's just growing out of it and I'm sure your DD will too. dont worry or look into it too much!"

thanks. i tried giving her potatoes this morning (the flakes because i'm not doing jarred food), and she kept gagging then started crying every time i put a bite in her mouth. she wanted her bottle. i thought maybe her throat was dry or something so i let her drink a few oz and then tried again and she cried again. i couldn't keep doing that to her.

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4th Oct '12
Quoting Stephanie Sodders:" Yeah, my SIL put it in the bottle when her preemie had reflux.. I've never heard of it being a choking ... [snip!] ... EBF so my son never had a bottle. I'd try rice cereal first though, definitely easier on the stomach than other solid foods!"

Not really.
"n order to digest grains, your body needs to make use of an enzyme called amylase. Amylase is the enzyme responsible for splitting starches. And, guess what? Babies don