Baby is here! Mary J. Rodriguez Due September 27 (girl); 3 kids; Palmdale, California 177 posts
4th Oct '12

This was my 4th c section but NOT scheduled it's my believe not to schedule a c section I like my baby to be born when shes ready not when I chose the date I respect other ladies just for me thats my believe well I was scared because I never pasted my due date I always been 8,6, and 2 days early and with this one I was 2 days over due and worried but she finally came and I am SOOOO happy this time I didn't try for a VBAC because she was 10lbs exactly! 20 1/2 inches born 9/30/12 3:56pm

Readyformylilone13 Due December 28 (boy); Jacksonville, Florida 87 posts
4th Oct '12

Congrats she is a big baby :)