Tash+1 1 child; Canton, Ohio 7839 posts
4th Oct '12
Quoting thewarmth:" From the way they describe it on the site, yes it is. Can be 5 hours or more a day, yep, colic."

When a baby has colic, they are crying because they are in pain from the gas built up in their stomach. PURPLE crying, the baby is just crying, not in pain.

thewarmth 3 kids; South Carolina 14438 posts
4th Oct '12
Quoting K. P. Walsh:" My daughter's pediatrician told me that he hasn't diagnosed colic in nearly 8 years because 9/10 it's ... [snip!] ... her to the pediatrician. Turns out, that's what it was. She was quite the crier for a long, long time. Again, just a thought?"

I've always assumed colic was a plethora of things, including acid reflux, that could be the suspect.