Kimberley Walker Due November 7; Australia 2 posts
19th Oct '12

i'm due november 8th, but have been told she could c*m anyday. so will see what happens :D

Ashley Binner Japan 1 posts
21st Oct '12

Im due november 9th as well but instead of having a little boy like most of you im having a little girl. Im excited, the day is so close. her name is going to be Aubriana lee Higgins :)

Lindsey Blomgren Due November 7; Decatur, Illinois 2 posts
24th Oct '12

Due Nov. 8th with a boy!! So tired of being prego!!

Carey French Due November 6; Japan 1 posts
25th Oct '12

Due November 7TH Nervous scared happy sad all at the same time. I am so tired of walking around with her head pressuring my bladder but it's almost Over. I pray everyone have a good SAFE labor and delivery as well as I pray for myself ! GOODLUCK :wink:

M@R(3 Due November 7; Japan 1 posts
26th Oct '12

I am due on November 8th with a baby girl #2:D

Kelly Merwine-Melhorn Due November 13; Tower City, Pennsylvania 2 posts
27th Oct '12

i'm due november 9th with a girl. :)
but won't be going past 39 weeks due to pre-e! can't waittt!
although were pretty sure she will be making her appearance during this "Frankenstorm" on the east coast.

asssddgfh Due November 8; McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania 1 posts
28th Oct '12

Im also due on Nov 9th and I'm having a little girl!!

Lottie Jarvis Due November 8; Northampton, United Kingdom 8 posts
1st Nov '12

Eeee not long now :D

Teenmommy24 Due November 3; 1 child; North Carolina 16 posts
1st Nov '12


Kensington's Mommy Due November 8; Japan 9 posts
14th Nov '12

I WAS due on the 9th BUT we get to meet our baby girl tomorrow! =) I'm being induced at 6am. Cannot wait!