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Carseat Katie Jepson Due January 19 (boy); 3 kids; Early, Iowa 632 posts
6th Oct '12

Ok, so this is our fourth baby. My cousin was going to use our carseat, which is what we did before since her son is between my boys in age. Her basement got wet and tge carseat eas ruined. She was going to buy a new one that would come to me if we had more. Well, when we discovered our babies were only going to be about 3 months apart, that became a problem. My other cousin offered her carseat for me to borrow. When i got it, the canopy and headrest weren't with it. I asked her to look for them and she was going to. Sadly, she had a gran mal seizure about 2 and a half weeks ago and didn't make it this time, at the age of 24. Should i ask her fiance if he's seen them or her mom, which i kniw my aunt would look, or just buy a new one? I have 15 weeks so i could put it on layway. I just feel insensitive asking about somethingg so petty when we're all mourning her passing. :(

user banned (boy); 2 kids; Fucking, Austria 36337 posts
6th Oct '12

I'd buy a new one. You can get a cosco scenera for 40 bucks.

Hurray! Due April 29; 5 kids; Ohio 980 posts
6th Oct '12

buy a new one. Carseats are always being updated to be safer and more user friendly. The peace of mind knowing you have the latest model will be reassuring. Also you will know it was well taken care of, not dropped etc. It sounds like it would not be the right time and circumstance to ask your family to find the pieces for the other.