Mama Lizzy :] 1 child; Texas 5575 posts
7th Oct '12

Household yes! Better than me! ( except buying healthy food)... watching our has no patience and some anger problems

I think it depends on the couple

1&1 We're Done! 2 kids; Nevada 10963 posts
7th Oct '12

I dont think all Dads cant, but my hubby has fully admitted that he cant do everything I do.

A mother & wife 2 kids; Pennsylvania 4817 posts
7th Oct '12

My husband was a stay at home father on the week days. He did great for the most part.

Cooks cleans and takes care of the kiddos.

He even washes dishes better then I can.

Tavi 1 child; Washington 24382 posts
7th Oct '12

Some so much.

I just ask for him for the things I can't do, it works better for us this way,lol

Dallas & JaKobee's Mommy 2 kids; Pasadena, Texas 300 posts
7th Oct '12

My hubby does an awesome job. Only time I've ever left instructions was when the kids were babies and I told him what times they had been fed and needed to be fed again. Or now I let him know like when theyre sick and I let him know when I gave meds last and when they need it again.

Other than that, nope.

Fusselinchen 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Fort Bragg, NC, United States 16176 posts
7th Oct '12
Quoting Mrs. Purplelady:" Why is it that moms think dads can't handle the household/kids like they can? Do you leave instructions for dad when you leave the house?"

i think there are plenty of dads that would do a great job.
DH is an awesome dad, but if he could never deal with DD when she is sick, he wouldnt know the first thing to do or how to even tell.
he would let her be dirty and leave the house trashed. he also does not think much about safety. he never realizes that she is still little (she is 2 now) and cant do everything he wants to do with her and that he has to slow down etc.
i honestly do not think he could handle being a single dad to her with me out of the picture or being away for more than a few hours.