Wondering how common is BHS Nikkie Beee Due January 29; 2 kids; Victorville, California 3968 posts
7th Oct '12

If you were wondering what BHS is it stands for Breath-Holding Spells.

Anywho, I was wondering how common it is? Do any of your kids/nieces/nephews/cousins ect have it? I ask because my son has it. He has Pallid breath-holding spells. I discovered it when he was about a year and a half. My daughter just had a spell about 15min ago. I think she may have Cyanotic breath-holding spells. I have to make a pedi appointment on Tuesday to be sure, but it scared the crap outta me. Thank God I have experience with this because of my son, but its very scary. I just wanted to know if its more common than not...

⚓Misty⚓ 4 kids; Keenesburg, Colorado 7275 posts
23rd Nov '12

I know this is an old thread but my brother did this. He had the cyanotic i believe since he would hold his breath when he didnt get his way until he passed out. He eventually grew out of it but it was hard on my parents. He ended up in the ER a few times because he would hit his head when he passed out. The hospital called cps & they took him & put him in a temp foster home because they didnt believe my parents. While he was in foster care he did it a few times & thats when my parents got him back

Stephy + 2 2 kids; Lafayette, LA, United States 285 posts
23rd Nov '12

I think it was my son's 9 month or 1 year check up the nurse told us after he had his shots that he was holding his breathe in a tantrum. She said not to be too surprised if he doesn't pass out from holding his breath one of these days. He's 18 months old now and hasn't passed out yet. I've actually noticed that he doesn't do it so much now.