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    • Ailey/Eiley Caitria -- Votes: 4
    • Anneliese Caitria -- Votes: 6
    • Elora Caitria -- Votes: 4
    • Teagan Caitria -- Votes: 8
    • Elise Caitria -- Votes: 11
    • Aven Caitria -- Votes: 1
First name help? nicklepickle New Hampshire 1635 posts
8th Oct '12

What names do you think would go well with the middle name Caitria? It is the Irish form of Catherine/Kathryn, which is my s/o's mother's name. I just think it's a beautiful name. It means "pure". (KAH-TREE-AH).

My problem is most of my favorite names end in -AH sound, so it sounds funny. I need suggestions!

let it be California 41018 posts
8th Oct '12

Out of those Teagan Caitria.

KathrynPeep 1 child; Cheyenne, Wyoming 201 posts
8th Oct '12

Teagan for sure!

......................... Alaska 266 posts
8th Oct '12

I'm partial to Eiley because it was my grandfather's middle name. So it's not new to me lol. I've always liked it. :)

*Turtles* 2 kids; Someplace, UT, United States 6093 posts
8th Oct '12

I voted Elise Caitria.