Shes coming!!!!! *Bella's Mommy* Due October 29; 16 kids; New York 484 posts
8th Oct '12

I'm.finally in.labor! So exited my princess!

*Brittnee* 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Utah 3244 posts
status 8th Oct '12

Hope you have a fast labor. good luck! :)

Loretta West TTC#2 TTC since May 2013; 1 child; Auckland, New Zealand 4670 posts
8th Oct '12

Yay for october babies! good luck! :-D

Almost there! :) Due November 8 (boy); Texas 539 posts
8th Oct '12

Awww good luck and God bless!!:)

*Turtles* Due July 27 (girl); 1 child; Someplace, UT, United States 6083 posts
8th Oct '12

Good luck and easy labor dust!

kayla19900 Spennymoor, United Kingdom 674 posts
8th Oct '12
Quoting Bella's Mommy *40wk*:" I'm.finally in.labor! So exited my princess!"

good luck hope you have a fast labour

justwanttodelete Due July 23 (girl); Switzerland 1021 posts
8th Oct '12

congrats and good luck

Logan and Lucas' Mom 2 kids; Waterville, New York 20 posts
8th Oct '12

Yay! Good luck!

Van West Auckland, NZ, New Zealand 3115 posts
8th Oct '12

Good luck!

3plus1 Due October 20 (boy); 3 kids; Suisun City, California 255 posts
8th Oct '12

GoodluCk:) wish you thee best ur suCh a lucky girl hope ii go in the nxt few days:):):)

Life is a Highway ♫ 18 kids; Australia 9381 posts
8th Oct '12

Good luck and easy labour dust :D

Teri Tulloch Due March 26; 2 kids; Macclesfield, United Kingdom 30 posts
8th Oct '12

good luck :)

Mommy to Milo&Ava+1 Due October 11; 2 kids; Ohio 1795 posts
8th Oct '12

Congrats! Labor dust :D

Cherub#3 Due January 18 (boy); Australia 72 posts
8th Oct '12

Fantastic news :) Good Luck and hope that all goes well!

Tee Tapp Due December 1 (boy); Japan 6 posts
8th Oct '12

Good luck and push push push