I cant do this anymore......... Dina Monique's NY Mama 1 child; New York 12449 posts
8th Oct '12

I swear im losing my f**king mind with this kid. Shes so hard to deal with. B/c shes stressing me out so much i feel like im losing my connection with her. I dont want to be her anymore. Im losing my shit! The older she get the harder she is to deal with. Everyday is something. I have no family around to be like "here. watch her for an hour please."
My husband doesnt get it. He can deal with anything in life. I can't. If its hard for me to deal with i walk away. I cant walk away from this. I HATE that im like this. I wanna LOVE being a mom. I wanna love being HER mom. BUt i don't. I have regrets everyday, and everyday i wish i made better decisions.....

Mrs. Potato Dick Madagascar 20356 posts
8th Oct '12
Quoting Dina Monique's NY Mama:" I swear im losing my f**king mind with this kid. Shes so hard to deal with. B/c shes stressing me out ... [snip!] ... I can't. If its hard for me to deal with i walk away. I cant walk away from this. Everyday i wish i made better decisions..... "

I'm in the same boat. My son is hard to relate to and my daughter is been a hellion lately. My family is 900 miles away and I have no friends that are close. I cry everyday.

You're not alone.

Tippalopogatomus* Due April 28 (girl); 2 kids; Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland 272 posts
8th Oct '12

I know how you feel sometimes. It does become very over whelming. I dont have any family either. I have a 2 year old and a almost 1 year old and I have to do everything all by myself even though I have a husband. Ive said the same thing a couple times. Its hard when they start getting older and have the rebellion streak going on. Im dealing with the terrible 2s and its enough to drive me insane. Its sad because you cant take time to reset yourself with a break. I hope you unstress and things get better.

Aribean 1 child; California 11400 posts
8th Oct '12

I've been there too do I know exactly what you're going through :( its tough.
My kid drives me insane and I'm actually excited as f**k to put her in preschool and start going to work cause I truly believe it'll improve our relationship at the moment. I love her but I just can't be around her 24/7 anymore. I'm loosing my marbles.

Tickled Blue x2 34 kids; California 6138 posts
8th Oct '12

My oldest makes me feel this way sometimes, I swear he's the worse kid I ever met and he's MINE! I usually blame myself, like what am I doing wrong thats causing him to be this way. He doesn't listen for shit, and it's driving me crazy. Don't get me wrong I love him so much, he does have good moments, but they seem so rare. I keep telling myself he's only 3, it will get better but it seems to get worse. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to lose my damn mind, and I feel like a bad mom because he's always getting yelled at or punished, but I don't know what else to do when he acts up. Being a mom is hard.

Proginoskes II 3 kids; North Carolina 1295 posts
8th Oct '12

I don't blame you for a second. My 2 year old doesn't talk, just whines, grunts and points.
Add 2 month old twins and an oblivious boyfriend addicted to FB games, and I'm surprised I haven't been committed.

MamaOfThreeLittleLadies Due October 20 (girl); 2 kids; Missouri 791 posts
8th Oct '12

I think most if not ALL moms go through this at some point! My youngest has become a MAJOR daddy's girl (which is fine) except now she WILL NOT listen to me for anything. I feel like I'm the one who constantly has to discipline her and get on to her, and it's causing our relationship to suffer. On top of that she's in her terrible 2's already and has been for about 6 months now (she'll be 2 next month). I'm due to have my third daughter a week from today and I've been to the point of pulling my hair out and going insane for the past few months. She's SO strong willed and stubborn and REFUSES to listen to me.... YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

Dina Monique's NY Mama 1 child; New York 12449 posts
8th Oct '12

Thank you all for your responses...

It's not just the not listening and the tantrum throwing part, it's also the kid stuff she doesn't and means well. She's three and STILL smears her poop all over the place. WTF?!
I take care of her more than the SO Bc of his job. He's a great father and I'm reminded by this like everyday by other people. No one says anything about me being a great mother or wife. Like I do shit around here. I'm so sick of all this. Like I resent him Bc of other people

usernametx Texas 19750 posts
9th Oct '12

hugs, i was wondering how you've been. i've not really been on here and last i remember is when you'd left for a while on your own.

For the poop thing, that is a little worrying. Is it a sensory need or attention? Do you do sensory activities with her?
when things are really bad at home, i find taking DS out the house as much as possible helps. At least i won't kill him in public lmao