moving with 2yr old Jessica & Kaleb 1 child; 1 angel baby; Massachusetts 4840 posts
8th Oct '12

Were moving!!! Im so excited, but also nervous for many reasons but mainly my LO. He's 2 1/2 so I dnt even know where to begin. I've been reading a lot online about moving with children and they all say to explain to the toddler best you can "bye bye house" and things like that. I'm sure there are 2 year olds out there who understand the concept of home but I dont think my does and I dont think he can. The only time we ever use the phrase is when were outside and I tell him to go into the house. So any tips on preparing him?

My biggest concern is once were settled in. He has never slept anywhere else besides our apt so not only will this be a bigger place but a new, unfamiliar place. I was thinking about maybe the first night having a camp out in the living room. Get a lil tent and sleeping bags and make it fun for him. But what about after? He knows this house, he wakes up and comes right into our room wakes us up and than goes out into the livingroom while i gather energy lol and turn on his cartoons. When he wakes up at the new place our room will be next to him (where we are now its across) what if he cant find us? Or thinks were not there?

Any advice plz!

the BEAST Wisconsin 15638 posts
8th Oct '12

We moved from Germany to the US when DS was 2.5 (first to my parents' house and then 8 weeks later to our own place). DS did great and thought it was an adventure. When we got our own place we let him decide how to decorate and rearrange the things in his room.

As long as his lovey was there, he was comfortable. He'd watched the movers pack our things before we left Germany and he was excited about seeing his stuff again a few months later :)