bleeding during early pregnancy Tracey Phillips 2 kids; Australia 1 posts
8th Oct '12

hi just been too see my doctor and he thinks i could be having a miscarriage i gotta go get a ultrasound tomorrow too see whats going on,im very worried of what they could tell me
im 8 weeks pregnant
im bleeding on and off

thewarmth 3 kids; South Carolina 14438 posts
8th Oct '12

I bled off and on with this pregnancy up until like 14 weeks.
It was always just brown spotting though.
Still have no idea what was going on.
But baby is completely healthy.

julybabe 2 kids; Ontario 380 posts
8th Oct '12

I bled for about 2 weeks at 6ish weeks pregnant. As long as u don't pass clots u should be fine

Allys_mommy 33 kids; Waterloo, New York 1194 posts
8th Oct '12

not to scare you but with both my miscarriages i bled on and off and with my DD i didnt bleed one time but i hae heard of many other women bleeding through out preganacy and having totally healthy babies!!!

kaaw 2 kids; Bloomington, MN, United States 10192 posts
8th Oct '12

I bled for almost 18 weeks of my first pregnancy and had 2 major hemorrhages. DD is almost 3.5 yrs old.

Deanna Lynn 17 kids; Levittown, Pennsylvania 353 posts
8th Oct '12

With my first pregnancy I had no bleeding or cramping, went to the dr around 8 weeks and found out the baby had stopped developing around 6 weeks. I had to have a d&e. With my second pregnancy I started having some bleeding around 6 weeks accompanied by minor cramping and was terrified that I was going to lose another baby. My second pregnancy resulted in a happy, beautiful, 7-month-old baby boy :) I really hope things work out for you :)