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15th Oct '12
Quoting Legendary Amanda:" <blockquote><b>Quoting bbbt:</b>" I would say something fairly popular, but not trendy. ... [snip!] ... me now with all the popularity and everything Brooklyn just seems so tacky. I think I still have the mindset of a 16 year old."

I like the nickname Brooke :)
I think Corrine from your post is nice for a girl. Brooke and Corrine sounds nice together :) Some other suggestions would be Natasha, (Tasha for nickname) Veronica (could be called Ronnie) or Adele.

From your boy names I like Jude, Sheldon, Quinton or Quinn. I think Brooke and Jude sound good together. I like Quinton for a boy with Quinn as a nickame so they could be called Quinn and Brooke.