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13th Oct '12


MamaTay[Kennedi] 1 child; Greenville, Texas 4414 posts
13th Oct '12

You'll get it! Baby dust! Good luck!

user banned Sri Lanka 9777 posts
13th Oct '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Kennedi's Momma:</b>" You'll get it! Baby dust! Good luck!"</blockquote>

Thank you :)

Stef ♥Gru41weeks Due June 23; 51 kids; United Kingdom 2095 posts
13th Oct '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting amp4483:</b>" So today I got my period. Booo. First one since we had the mc September 3rd. It was like a kick in the ... [snip!] ... why but it just bothered me to get it. But I guess I am relieved that my body is returning to normal. Here's to next cycle.."</blockquote>

Fx for next cycle.

Honey&E 6 kids; Connecticut 3752 posts
14th Oct '12

"the kick in the gut" feeling is the worst. Best wishes on your next cycle.

*Lindsey* 3 kids; Alberta 8798 posts
14th Oct '12

Sorry! but yes heres to next cycle. Looks as thought we started trying at the same time... Maybe this will be our month!! We will prob be testing around the same time :) When is af due to come next? or is it all over the place.

~Blessed Wife & Mommy~ 4 kids; Louisiana 1427 posts
15th Nov '12

Praying that you get your positive soon! Thinking of you! :)