So proud of myself! 1st Half marathon Skinny Cow 114 kids; Switzerland 4364 posts
13th Oct '12

I miscarried August 27th. I was devastated. I took up running 3 days after my D&C. I didn't do it for physical reasons but more for my emotional and mental state. The first few times I ran I was sobbing about my miscarriage. It was nice to release everything that I was holding in. Anyhow. I only trained a total of 30 miles.. meaning I ran a total of 30 miles. I never ran more than 7.5 miles and today I ran my first half marathon in 2hrs and 2minutes. I ran 9:30 minute miles. I was estatic I ran it with my sister and her goal was to get under 2hrs and she did! I was so amazed that with little to no training I ran it that fast. I really am so proud of myself for overcoming something I ddint think I would. Yay :)

Meℓissa+1♥ 1 child; ., CA, United States 16720 posts
13th Oct '12

Yay that's awesome! :)

Sonya B+2 18 kids; Brazil 3512 posts
14th Oct '12

That's awesome! and good job! That is one of my goals, I hope one day I can run a half and maybe even a full.

Alicia14 Due November 30; 1 child; Ventura, CA, United States 799 posts
13th Nov '12

That is awesome! Good job! So sorry for your loss.