Josie Abril Due April 16 (twins); 1 child; Norfolk, Virginia 6 posts
19th Nov '12
Quoting Chris32:" Hi I'm due identical twins in April and i have 2 boys aswell. I'm very excited but a bit nervous too. I have my next scan in 9 days so i would love to find out the sex. How are you all keeping?"

I have my next ultrasound next week! We went to a 4D place and they say they are two boys which is pretty great since I have a boy already and LOVE little boys lol Are you hoping for a girl this time around?

Josie Abril Due April 16 (twins); 1 child; Norfolk, Virginia 6 posts
19th Nov '12
Quoting simpsons:" Hi Josie congratulations, I'm expecting identical twins and I'm due on the 3rd of April although bubbas are now measuring a week bigger, it's sooo exciting as this is my first pregnancy!!!"

OMG that is so crazy!! I would have freaked if my first pregnancy was twins lol Have you found out if they are boys or girls yet? How are you feeling? I am so darn tired all the time and hungry too lol

simpsons Due April 2 (twins); United Kingdom 2 posts
21st Nov '12

I'm feeling great thanks Josie been very lucky not to have any sickness! What about you? I'm also type 1 diabetic so have to be very tight with sugar control but yes I am hungry all the time esp in the evenings! Had 20 week scan last week and we decided not to find out what we are having keep it a surprise, thankfully everything ok but they were very active so took ages! I am being took in between 6th - 13th of march for section because of diabetes have they told you any dates yet? Hope your keeping well xx

Magen Gray Due April 16 (twins); Eureka, California 3 posts
21st Nov '12

I feel like im having the complete opposite feeling! Im full within a couple bite, so full that my stomach hurts and I can not think about food for hours! I get too full to eat just by drinking to much of something. Unfortunately this is making think I'm not eating enough.

Jiana Hammoud Due April 16 (twins); Japan 5 posts
22nd Nov '12

I'm due on the 17th of April with fraternal twins...I still don't know what I'm having but I hope it's a boy and a girl :D

Haleigh-Harleigh Espinosa Due April 12; Japan 1 posts
27th Nov '12
Quoting Josie Abril:" Hi all I am just looking to find a buddy that is also due in April with twins. Some one to just chit chat with and such. :D"
Jennifer Galvin-Davasher Due April 9; Japan 1 posts
29th Nov '12

I'm due April 10th with a baby girl. Our first baby. Her name is going to be Daphne Lynn.