x*x Daniels Mommy♥ Due February 13; 1 child; Michigan 434 posts
17th Oct '12


Snow Storybrooke, ME, United States 34017 posts
17th Oct '12

This whole thing was ridiculously confusing.

Norah&Ellie's Momma 2 kids; Kentucky 4183 posts
17th Oct '12

Geez I'm sorry you're going through that. My brother is really mean to me and always takes shit out on me, too. It's very hurtful, I know how it feels.

erikahiner 2 kids; Kansas 74 posts
17th Oct '12

yeah she does sound like a royal b***h and she doesnt have the right to make you feel like shit i dont really know what to tell you as far as dealing with her everyone always says the same things like try not to let her get to you and dont be around her but sometimes that just aint possible i hope she mellows out and i hope everything goes well with getting a place of your own once that happens it will be totally different because you will be in controll of how people treat you in your house or they dont need to be there till then try to remain as calm and sane as possible even though it aint easy while preggo even without all that drama

JKBC♡ 2 kids; Somewhere, PA, United States 13706 posts
status 17th Oct '12

How is she trying to make you have a miscarriage? Just ignore her stupid ass.

Leash25 2 kids; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1595 posts
17th Oct '12

Ok I seriously think you need to just block her out and really don't say anything to her. this is way to stressful for your pregnancy. It sucks that you really have no where to go. do you have any friends close by that you can stay with to get out of that environment???? maybe during the day you can get out the house to the mall (even if you dont buy anything) or to the movies. just some where away from that hostile environment! and just come back at night. I hope that things hurry and work out for you!